Foundations Seminar

100 days to lay the foundation “Bai ri zhu ji” 百日筑基. Practitioners are led through a three month process to kick-start internal development. The core practices needed to begin developing the body’s meridian system and activate the lower dantian, allowing it to begin to fill with qi 氣, are covered so that at the end of the “100 days” practitioners have a simple and complete regimen that can carry them forward.

Yijinjing 12 Postures 易筋经十二式

A dynamic set focused on the jin 筋 (connective tissues of the body) in a way that stimulates, purges, and strengthens the 12 Standard Meridians and their corresponding energetic organ systems. The inner principles for each movement are taught which are the key to deriving the benefits that are missed when the movement are merely mimicked in an empty way.

Standing Neigong 内功

Proper standing is taught layer-by-layer to ensure that the all-important foundational details are not missed. A progression is taught, including three stages, that ensure the ability to sink the qi and activate the dantian, effectively developing the correct habits from the get go.

  • Phase 1: Foundations of standing and sinking the qi.
  • Phase 2: Begin to activate the dantian.
  • Phase 3: Begin to build the dantian.

At the end of the “100 days” the student will have the correct principles, culminating in the full Level 1 foundational standing practice, and will be able to begin building their dantian and increasing the flow of qi throughout the 8 extraordinary meridians.

Seated Stillness 静功

Developing the mind and its associated energy, the shen 神, is the key to building a foundation for more advanced practices. It also greatly assists the progress made in the other foundational practices. Developing the mind makes building qi and the opening the body’s energetic system easier, which in turn assist in achieving stability and clarity in the mind. It is like a feedback loop. A foundational seated practice is taught based on the Chan 禅 tradition of meditation.

Classes are offered over Zoom. The initial seminar consists of the Yijinjing 12 Postures, Phase 1 of standing neigong, and basic stillness practice.

Cost: $360. Access to the private online community and members articles are included for one month.

Following the first month, continuing weekly classes are offered for $49/month, which includes progression into Phase 2 (second month) and Phase 3 (third month) as well as general feedback, and access to members-only content as well as the private community.

For more information, reach out using the form on the Contact page.


Upon completion of the Foundations Seminar, students are welcome to join a private community of dedicated practitioners. Membership includes:

  • Access to weekly Zoom classes to go over foundational practices and receive feedback, as well as offer supplementary practices and lifestyle tips to assist practice.
  • Access to members-only articles on the website.
  • Access to a private Discord group for feedback and discussions among fellow practitioners, as well as access to private events and opportunities to visit highly sought-after neigong masters and doctors of Chinese medicine.

Cost: $49/month.

Contact us for more information.